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  • Pet Peeves, Politics, & Potpourri 1-24-11

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  • We are bracing for the snow storm tonight, January 19. Made my weekly trip to the library and went to the store for the obligatory milk and bread.
    Come into our house and you can tell we take care of a two year old great-grandson part-time.?A small folding table with two chairs and a pint-sized recliner in the TV room, stack of books, pay-doh and puzzles on top of the refrigerator, large toy box, a riding horse and train tracks in the living room. Sippy cups and a cookie jar on kitchen counter. Micki spoils this kid rotten, along with his grandmas Rita Ragland.
    Did everyone get their annual solicitation from the HSUS (Humane Society of United States). Just a reminder that they do not give a penny to our local animal shelters. One of their agendas is to stop all hunting and fishing by individuals.
    Our new Lt. Governor, Shelia Simon, has a staff of seven and she plans to add more. I read in the Southern that she plans to have 27 on staff. You can bet they are all campaign workers, will bot be working for minimum wages, and none will need food stamps.
    She ran on the promise for better education for our children, but never mentioned where the money was coming from.?
    Sailors have more fun!
    Jack Hargis is a columnist for The Randolph County Herald Tribune.
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