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Chester Chamber announces home lighting contest winners

By Staff Report
Posted on 12/15/2016, 10:07 PM

The Chester Chamber of Commerce has announced the three prize winners of the chamber"s home lighting contest, judged by Sparta Chamber of Commerce members on December 8.

First place, and $150, went to Barb and Keith Kittel (3568 Union School Rd.), while second place, and $100, went to John and Patti Stewart (1024 Henry St.) and third place, and $50, went to Steve and Sue Colonel (1251 Cole Place Rd.).

Honorable mentions went to the following: Todd and Deb Loos (1000 Sycamore St.), Susan and Mike Lochhead (758 Lehmen Dr.), Robin and David Ludwig (1 West Misty Ln.), Marilyn Runge (2 West Haywood Ct.) and Michael Van Horn (328 Van Zant St.).

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