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Steeleville BOE decides against CCSI membership

By Staff Report
Posted on 12/20/2016, 1:52 PM

The Steeleville District 138 Board of Education met for its last meeting of 2016 on Monday and the board decided against becoming a member of the Career Center of Southern Illinois.

District Superintendent Stephanie Mulholland said CCSI, formerly known as Beck, has been reworking its charter with its members.

"I did talk to the board about Career Center of Southern Illinois and they"re reworking their charter with their members," Mulholland said in a phone interview with the Steeleville Ledger. "At this point, we"re continuing to choose to not be a member."

Mulholland said the district has sent students to CCSI in the past, but that meant CCSI would receive the state aid that the district would normally receive for the student.

"Now, they"re going to start charging and I understand why - it"s to cover capital expenses and keep the doors open - but it"s $7,700 per year to be a member," she said. "That"s whether we send anybody there or not and we don"t use it on a regular basis anyway."

Mulholland also noted the hour"s drive time to CCSI for a two-hour program.

"It"s not the best fit for us," she said. "I let the board know the direction I was suggesting and they agreed with that."

In other news, Mulholland said the board was visited by Jim Hepp, owner of H&N Construction of Steeleville.

Mulholland noted Hepp was one of the contractors on the science lab project and wanted to speak to the board about payment of a bill.

"They did the project for the science labs and we had some moisture issues with the flooring and there"s been some back-and-forth about who should pay for those repairs," she said.

Mulholland said the bill was for moisture mitigation at a cost of "a little more than $10,000."

"It"s going to be paid by the district," she said.

The Ledger asked Mulholland for an update on the science lab project and she stated that the project is still incomplete.

"Our big holdup is Sheldon (Lab Systems) and they provided the tables and the cases and that kind of thing," she said. "They have some things they have to finish up and they haven"t."


• The board approved a proposed property tax levy of 0.7 percent.

• The board approved a resolution to abate taxes levied to pay debt service on series 2015 bonds that were issued two years ago. Those bonds, worth $2.9 million, were used for a roofing project at Steeleville Elementary School and will be used for a window replacement project in both buildings next summer.

"These are the bonds we sold against the sales tax revenue," Mulholland said. "We give it to the county clerk (Pat Laramore) and it tells her we don"t need to levy anything out of property taxes to pay those.

"It"s all out of alternative revenue bonds."

• The board accepted its annual audit by Boyle and Company. Mulholland stated there were no findings.

• The board approved a Steeleville Science Club trip to Yosemite National Park and the Grand Canyon, with a departure date of June 5. The students will be taking a bus to visit the parks.

"It went really well last time and it"s a great experience for kids who may not get a chance to do that again," Mulholland said.

• The board approved the review of closed session minutes.

• The board approved the date of Steeleville High School"s graduation, scheduled for May 21.

• The board approved the first reading of policy revisions.

• The next meeting of the District 138 Board of Education is scheduled for Jan. 16 at 7 p.m. It is open to the public.

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