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Chester Grade School honors two with Team Player awards

  • Chester Grade School Principal Tim Lochhead, with Kyra Heck, center, and Sarah Surman.

    Chester Grade School Principal Tim Lochhead, with Kyra Heck, center, and Sarah Surman.
    Jim Beers photo

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updated: 1/23/2019 2:24 PM

A Chester Grade School paraprofessional and a fourth-grade teacher have been honored with "Team Player" awards for January.

Kyra Heck, paraprofessional, and Sarah Surman, a fourth-grade teacher, are part of a relatively new program CGS started late in 2018 to celebrate its staff. Each month's award-winners are nominated by their staff members.

According to Principal Tim Lochhead, who presented the January awards, the person doing the nomination provides a brief narrative describing why his or her candidate should win the award.

Kyra Heck

According to Heck's nomination, she has always been a team player, even before she worked at the school.

"She volunteered in my classroom when I had Lydia and Jake," it reads. "She was so good with all of the kids talking to them.

"She volunteered to fill holes last year with our large kindergarten class size and is the type of worker who comes in and just works. You don't have to tell her what to do, and you can rely on her to be on time and ready to work.

"This year, without asking, as she has done for the past, I do not know how many years, she just came up and helped with kindergarten busing. She is fair and treats the kids with respect."

Kyra received a $25 gift certificate to the "Studio Boutique" in Chester in appreciation for her service to the students at Chester Grade School.

Sarah Surman

According to her nomination, Surman is a well-liked teacher and staff member.

Her nomination reads, "Sarah is always willing to help out. She works on our social events and starts work on the Christmas Program in September. She not only gets everyone excited about it, but gets them to participate!

"Her excitement is contagious. She is a great co-worker and teacher."

Sarah will receive a $25 gift certificate to "Barb's Bounty" in appreciation for her dedication and service to the students and staff at Chester Grade School.

Each month, two CGS staff members will be recognized. Each person will receive a gift provided by various businesses or individuals throughout the community.