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Worried your teen is using drugs? Visit 'In Plain Sight' exhibit

Submitted by the Southern Illinois Substance Abuse Alliance
updated: 1/31/2019 5:56 PM

The Southern Illinois Substance Abuse Alliance, a community anti-drug coalition, is bringing the "In Plain Sight" display to Evansville Attendance Center School on Feb. 7.

The display will open at 3:30 p.m. and be available throughout the evening along with parent-teacher conferences and a volleyball game. All adults in the community are welcome, and the exhibit is free.

This display has become a popular resource for parents of teenage children. Michelle Bertinetti, of the Gateway Foundation, sets up a mock, teenage room and shows parents where their child could be hiding drugs in plain sight.

The "Hidden in Plain Sight" room provides parents with clues from a teen's bedroom to help them determine whether their child might be experimenting with or using drugs or alcohol.

Room décor, hidden compartments and items to conceal use are located throughout the room.

Add power to your parenting by being informed and then intervening if you think your child might be using drugs or alcohol. Addressing problem behavior early is important to preventing negative consequences of use including unsafe decision-making, car crashes and dependence.

This educational tool is a great resource for our community to help prevent substance misuse and increase awareness among parents. It is also part of the comprehensive prevention strategies being implemented by SISAA.

The coalition is working with Randolph County schools to deliver prevention lessons and conducting a parent communications campaign.