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Chester City Council seats new aldermen

  • From right to left at the swearing in are Scott Stumpe, Randy Dudenbostel, Mayor Tom Page, Russel Rader, Clerk Bethany Berner, and Ray Allison.

    From right to left at the swearing in are Scott Stumpe, Randy Dudenbostel, Mayor Tom Page, Russel Rader, Clerk Bethany Berner, and Ray Allison.
    Don Berry photo

  • Joe Crain's family pins on the new badge.

    Joe Crain's family pins on the new badge.
    Don Berry photo

By Don Berry
Contributing writer
updated: 5/9/2019 6:41 PM

The Chester City Council welcomed two new aldermen to the City Council on Monday May 6, as Randy Dudenbostel and Scott Stumpe were given the oath of office by City Clerk Bethany Berner along with returning Aldermen Russel Rader and Ray Allison.

Alderman Nancy Crossland, who served on the council for 12 years, did not run for re-election and received a plaque of appreciation from Mayor Tom Page. Alderman Donnie Clark also did not seek re-election, and was not present for his final meeting.

The meeting was split between two orders of business, old and new, the old with Crossland still seated and the new after Dudenbostel and Stumpe assumed their seats.

Sidewalk repairs

The "old" council approved a $39,000 contract with Red Dot Construction for sidewalk repairs. The areas designated to get the repairs are by St. Mary's Catholic Church, in front of the Rio, and across the street from Jodie's Farmhouse.

Alderman Allison asked why the city Street Department could not perform the work with help from the Laborer's Hall and by contracting with two concrete finishers. Street Superintendent Dean Renner said his department is short-handed right now and extremely busy.

Alderman Crossland added that the area in front of the Rio will require expertise because there is an old coal cellar under the sidewalk.

Water and sewer

The city council approved the purchase of two replacement pumps and parts for the Sewage Treatment Plant. By buying two, the city will save 30 percent of the cost on the second pump. The initial cost is $26,552 and the second one is approximately $19,000. The pumps and parts are shipped from overseas.

The council moved forward with the Wastewater Treatment and Collection System Improvements and the Water Treatment Plant Improvements Phase 2 by approving Engineering Agreements with J.T. Blankenship Inc. and by passing a resolution authorizing a representative to sign loan documents for both projects.

New sergeant hired for police department

Police Chief Bobby Helmers introduced Joe Crain to the council, who was chosen as the police department's new sergeant. Helmers said that interviews and candidate testing left him with two excellent choices for the position, but only one could be chosen. Crain was sworn in by City Clerk Berner and his family participated in giving him his new badge and the sergeant's bars for his collar. Helmers saluted Crain and welcomed him to his new post.

Three major fires

Fire Chief Marty Bert reported his department had three major fires in April, one being the Brockmeyer home, which was more than 7,000 square feet. Bert said several area departments assisted with that fire and he appreciated their cooperation.

In another matter he said the pumpers and ladders passed the state's recent inspection, along with other safety equipment.