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Women's Club awards scholarships

  • Winners of the 2019 SIU Women's Club scholarships are, left to right, Rachel Gunn, Hannah Colbrook and Nour Farhat.

    Winners of the 2019 SIU Women's Club scholarships are, left to right, Rachel Gunn, Hannah Colbrook and Nour Farhat.
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by Christi Mathis SIU University Communications
updated: 6/14/2019 5:41 PM

SIU students Hannah Colbrook, Nour Farhat and Rachel Gunn are the recipients of the 2019 SIU Women's Club scholarships.

The organization presents the scholarships annually in honor of Dorothy Morris and Joyce Guyon, two former SIU "first ladies" who strongly supported women in academics. The awards, totaling $6,000, were presented recently at a special ceremony.

Colbrook, of Palatine, won the Dorothy Morris Traditional Student Scholarship in the amount of $2,500. Colbrook plans to graduate in December with a bachelor's degree in public relations/communications studies and a minor in marketing.

Farhat, of Carbondale, is the recipient of the Joyce Guyon Non-Traditional Student Scholarship, worth $2,500. Farhat is a senior computer science major.

A mother of two children, Farhat is dedicated to helping today's children become prepared to work with computers, rather than be replaced by them.

Gunn, of Marion, received the SIU Women's Club Memorial Scholarship for $1,000. She is a transfer student who just completed her junior year as a social work major. After completing her bachelor's degree, Gunn anticipates she will continue her education in SIU's social work master's degree program, with an emphasis on mental health.

The scholarships are funded exclusively through donations from SIU Women's Club members, who donated a record amount. The funds allowed the scholarship awards to increase by $1,000 over the previous year.

"Thanks to the generous donations of our members, we are pleased to be helping these deserving young women achieve their academic goals with less debt," Laura Helsel, SIU Women's Club president, said. "The scholarships are our investment in the future."

Scholarship recipients are selected on the basis of academic achievement, career goals and aspirations, leadership experience, references and financial need.

Applications for the 2020 round of scholarships will be available in August.

Any woman who has a personal or family affiliation with SIU Carbondale is welcome to join the SIU Women's Club, a social organization founded in 1937. The group gives members opportunities to connect with one another, build friendships, participate in a variety of activities and serve the university.

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