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New book on Charlie Birger released

Submitted by Kevin Corley
updated: 10/8/2019 4:27 PM

SOUTHERN ILLINOIS -- Author Kevin Corley of Shelbyville has released his fourth novel on Illinois history and the first not centered in Christian County.

"'13 Steps for Charlie Birger' is the most fact-based book I have written," Corley said. "I took all the events and names from other historian's research and wove them into the novel. The reason I choose to write fiction is to inspire young people to learn history. Few young people will read an academic book.

"Taylor Pensoneau, who wrote 'Brothers Notorious: The Sheltons,' is a good friend and a great source for information," Corley said. "Pensoneau's incredible research along with that of wonderful historians like Paul Angle, Gary DeNeal, and Jon Musgrave were instrumental in putting this story together. As a novelist I try to get into the heads of the historic characters and speculate about what they may have been thinking during these incredible events."

For information on how to purchase the book on Charlie Birger, call Corley 217-343-7585 or email to