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More gambling addiction treatment funds coming to southern Illinois

Submitted by Centerstone
updated: 11/6/2019 10:47 AM

A $119,517 grant to provide treatment and intervention services for people with a gambling disorder in Perry, Franklin, Jackson, Johnson, Saline, Union and Williamson counties has been awarded to Centerstone, from the Illinois Department of Human Services division of Substance Use Prevention and Recovery.

"With the passing of recent legislation that expanded gambling services in Illinois, we anticipate a greater need for gambling treatment services in our area," said John Markley, CEO of Centerstone. "In an area already stricken with poverty and lack of resources, gambling disorders may lead to other issues for individuals and the community, including job loss, loss of support systems, criminal behavior, and additional mental health concerns."

SUPR identifies designated gambling treatment providers by location. Prior to the grant announcement, there were no designated providers in Centerstone's service area in southern Illinois.

To help bridge the gap in available services, Centerstone will develop and implement targeted strategies, including working with community partners and referral sources.

Trained and certified staff will provide treatment to those affected, but also to their families, encouraging them to participate in assessment and counseling/treatment sessions.

"Family support is a critical part of treatment, and staff will encourage family participation and assist in the education and strengthening of family relationships," said Andrea Quigley, Centerstone clinical director.

Gambling treatment is available now at two Centerstone locations, 2311 S. Illinois Ave. in Carbondale and 1307 W. Main in Marion. For information, call (855) 608-3560.