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Popeye and Friends Character Trail announces next statue

updated: 5/1/2012 12:17 AM

The committee is pleased to announce that "Alice the Goon" and her child will be the next entries in the Popeye and Friends Character Trail.  The statue will be unveiled at the Chester Center on September 8, 2012 following the Popeye Picnic Parade.   Alice made her first comic strip appearance with Popeye on December 10, 1933 as the beastly cohort of the evil Sea Hag.  Two weeks later she was called the "Goon" by a frightened Prof. Cringly, and a new word was added to the English language (Elzie C. Segar, Popeye's creator,  is credited with the invention of the words "goon" and "jeep").  Alice the Goon soon became friends with Popeye and later even became Swee' Pea's babysitter.  Her strange, oscilloscope language was only understood by Wimpy, a mystery never explained.  Elzie C. Segar was known to use real people that lived in his hometown of Chester in the early 1900's as his inspiration for many of the characters in the Popeye comic strips, but Alice has no clear connection to anyone in his past.