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Hannah Porter Memorial Scholarship established at SWIC

  • Hannah Porter

    Hannah Porter

SWIC Media Services
updated: 8/30/2017 10:48 PM

The family of former Southwestern Illinois College student Hannah Porter recently established a scholarship in her honor.
Porter, who was killed in a car accident in early 2015, attended SWIC's Red Bud campus where she was also a student worker. An art installation and a bench are dedicated in Porter's honor at the campus, but the family wanted to do something else to keep her memory alive.
The idea for the scholarship came from Cody Frederick, Porter's uncle.
"The school has done so much for her," Frederick said in a news release. "They gave her a job and an education. We just wanted to create a legacy for her there."
The $1,000 scholarship will be given annually, and the family hopes to be able to help numerous SWIC students over the coming years.
"Hannah loved giving back," said Porter's mother, Dawn. "By us doing this scholarship, it keeps that going for her."
Scholarships like the Hannah Porter Memorial Scholarship can be life changing, and even the smallest donation can help students achieve their educational dreams.
"Scholarships awarded by the SWIC Foundation are funded by businesses, individuals and organizations in the region who want to help our students succeed," said Foundation Associate Director Rena Thoele. "The support of these donors makes a true impact upon our students' ability to reach their educational goals.
"We hear that time and again from our recipients."
To learn more about SWIC Foundation scholarships, contact Thoele at 618-235-2700, ext. 5647, or email