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Steeleville Village Board hears more liquor license fallout

  • Steeleville Mayor Bob Sutton

    Steeleville Mayor Bob Sutton
    Herald Tribune File Photo

By Pete Spitler
updated: 9/12/2017 11:40 AM

The fallout of the Steeleville Village Board's June decision to require a separate liquor license for the Steeleville Legion Bowl continued during the board's September meeting last Thursday.
The village trustees heard another earful from Legion supporters and representatives, both during public comment and a separate "American Legion representative" agenda item.
Ray Wedemeyer, American Legion BBK Post 480 commander, was up first and delivered a statement during public comment.
"When you give the Pledge of Allegiance to that flag, who gave you that right?" he asked the trustees, referring to the pledge to the American flag that takes place at the beginning of every meeting of the board.
"Veterans," responded trustee Tim Eichenseer, who is actively serving in the Illinois National Guard.
"Veterans gave you the right to say that," Wedemeyer said.
Wedemeyer, who also apologized to Eichenseer about comments made during the August meeting about Eichenseer's military service, stated military veterans are not being treated right in the village.
"There's very few World War II veterans left," Wedemeyer said. "Korea, Vietnam, North Korea. If that blows up, who's going to protect your right to say the Pledge of Allegiance?
"Military veterans."
Wedemeyer said all he is asking for "is to treat us a little bit better than the ordinary citizen because of the flag we fought for and many of us died for."
Bernie Hubert was next and scolded the trustees on their decision.
"All I can say is shame, shame on all of you because of your action to the Legion," he said.
Trustee Cindy Sickmeyer pointed out the roughly $135,000 in tax increment financing (TIF) money the village board had given the Legion to resurface its parking lot and make building improvements.
"If we are so against you, why would we have approved that?" she asked.
During the agenda item regarding the Legion, Legion Auxiliary representative Kim Ruebke gave the trustees a breakdown of the money the auxiliary has donated to various functions from 2012 to current.
The total amount is $22,905, with $1,795 donated thus far this year.
"I commend the Auxiliary for their commitment to the community," said Mayor Bob Sutton.
The rest of the meeting was relatively uneventful, with the board voting to accept the village's annual audit and approving no parking zones on both sides of East Hancock Street from North Sparta Street east 200 feet.
That area is next to the new Steeleville fire station.
• During committee reports, it was stated that the Steeleville Senior Site fundraiser at the Steeleville Eagles has been scheduled for 4 p.m. on Sept. 16. Cost is $9 per plate.
• Steeleville Fire Chief Rich Reitz noted the SFD responded to 33 first responder calls in August, with nine of them being fires and 24 medical.
• TIF administrator Mike Armstrong stated the village's TIF accounts were projected to be $353,060 for TIF 1 and $100,222 for TIF 2 in 2016. He noted the final amounts may fluctuate a little, but was a good estimate.
• Mayor Sutton noted floor renovations in the village hall, police department and meeting rooms were to start this week and may require closure of the senior site for one day.
• Village Supervisor Lyn Thies stated construction on Mevert Automotive's new headquarters along State Route 150/4 has started, with the building to be 6,240 square feet in size.
"That meets our TIF agreement of at least 6,000 square feet," Sutton said.
• Fire subscription fees are $60 and due Oct. 1. Bills were sent out last week.