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Du Quoin Police Chief, Vancil, resigns Mayor appoints Ingram as interim chief

  • Les Vancil

    Les Vancil

  • Steve Ingram

    Steve Ingram

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Posted on 7/16/2019, 1:28 PM

DU QUOIN -- In a surprise move, Police Chief Les Vancil submitted his resignation Monday to Mayor Guy Alongi and the Du Quoin City Council, effective immediately.

Alongi then appointed Sgt. Steve Ingram as interim chief, while Alongi and the council sort things out in what will likely be a closed session meeting next Monday.

"Steve will continue to move Du Quoin's Police Department in a direction which will keep our community safe and also insure that our police officers are a friendly presence in the community," Alongi said.

Ingram joined the Du Quoin police force in October of 2007. He was promoted to sergeant in 2015 "because of his leadership abilities," Alongi said.

Vanci's resignation caught the city off guard to say the least.

"Les's letter of resignation didn't indicate why he was resigning, just that it was effective immediately," Alongi said. "Les is a good guy, and we (with the city), wish him the very best."

Vancil came to Du Quoin from the Illinois State Police. He served as the city's chief for about 20 months. In that time, the budget was improved and mobile data capability was installed in vehicles. He is a native of Sunfield.

When reached via cellphone, the former chief cordially declined to comment.