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Chester council looking at green spaces

By Don Berry
Contributing writer
updated: 9/23/2020 11:56 AM

The Chester City Council heard from aldermen Ray Allison and J.D. Maes concerning Chester parks and other city property classified as "green space" on Monday night.

Maes said the Park and Recreation Board was finally able to meet for the first time since February due to COVID-19 restrictions, and it is beginning to focus on planning -- what can be accomplished right away and developing plans for the future.

Maes said both Cole and Cohen parks are ripe for additional projects and the committee is attempting to prioritize goals and time frames.

Allison submitted the Beautification Committee's suggestions for the city property where Molly's Moon once stood. This area is not considered a city park but it is city property and will be classified as green space.

The area has had concrete barricades removed and the concrete parking area replaced with soil and the entire area has been seeded and "No Parking" signs have been put into place. The next step would be to fence the area with a split wood fence.

Allison said other ideas have also been mentioned and he will bring them to the council as they come to him for the council's approval. The council also gave its approval of the Mayor's appointment of Carla Draves and Tony West to the Beautification and Tourism Committee and Samuel Higgerson to the Park and Recreation Board.

Other news

• The city council approved an ordinance imposing a Municipal Cannabis Retailer's Occupation Tax of 3%.

• Police Chief Bobby Helmers said his department needs a new radio/recorder. The item was budgeted this year and the council gave its approval for the new system at a cost of $13,520 with an additional $1,912 for technical support for the next year.

• Alderman Robert Platt said the council should investigate the city becoming a Certified Local Government. He said by doing so, it would make the city eligible for additional grant money and enable the city to better protect historic areas. He also asked the council to consider getting a street sweeper/cleaner in the next fiscal year.