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JALC requires masks for everyone on campus, effective Aug. 20

Submitted by Steve O'Keefe, John A. Logan College
updated: 8/22/2021 3:12 PM

CARTERVILLE -- Due to a recent surge of positive COVID-19 cases in southern Illinois, John A. Logan College officials have decided to require all individuals on campus to wear masks.

Effective Friday, Aug. 20, visitors, students, staff and faculty at all John A. Logan College facilities will be required to wear a mask while indoors regardless of vaccination status.

The college resumed face-to-face classes on Aug. 11, with only faculty and staff required to wear masks. According to College President Kirk Overstreet, requiring masks for all individuals was made to ensure that the college continues to offer face-to-face classes.

"With the recent uptick in cases in southern Illinois, we feel that it is in our best interest to require all individuals to wear a mask at this time," said Overstreet. "We have worked very hard to return to having the campus fully operational with face-to-face classes, and at this time, this requirement allows us to continue being fully operational."

Humanities and Social Science Department Chair Matt Garrison said the college understands that not everyone agrees with wearing masks.

"But the reality of the situation is what it is, and we have to put the safety of our students and staff first," said Garrison. "We want to continue having our students on campus and teaching in the classroom."

Overstreet added the situation remains fluid, and College officials will continue to monitor the situation and make updates when necessary.