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Franklin County 4-H youth place in 2022 livestock and animal shows

  • Jake Newbury poses with his Grand Champion steer at the Franklin County 4-H Fair.

    Jake Newbury poses with his Grand Champion steer at the Franklin County 4-H Fair.
    Courtesy of Heather Willis/University of Illinois Extension

Submitted by Heather Willis,
University of Illinois Extension
updated: 8/10/2022 1:35 PM

Local youth were excited to gather at the Franklin County Fairgrounds to exhibit beef, swine, sheep, goats and more during the annual 4-H fair. All livestock events allowed youth to display sportsmanship and exude confidence as they showed the "best of the best" during the shows.

Due to the Illinois Department of Agriculture's (IDOA) ongoing ban on live poultry exhibits, 4-H members could still showcase their hard work on poultry items by displaying poster presentations and speaking directly to a judge to discuss their projects. Youth who exhibited in the alternative will still be able to show at State Fair in August and receive any eligible 4-H awards.

4-H youth also had the opportunity to participate in the livestock auction. The auction is an opportunity for local businesses, families, and community members to purchase animals exhibited during the fair. The auction is a great way to support local youth as participants receive the full proceeds from the sale of their livestock.

Grand Champion -- Hayden Corn
Reserve Champion -- Coltley Tepovich

Fryer Pen Chickens
Grand Champion -- Alex Edwards
Reserve Champion -- Emmy Kiesow

Small Pets
Grand Champion -- Katelynn Bock

Rabbits (Doe)
Grand Champion -- LaRaya Kelly
Reserve Champion -- Eli Newbury

Rabbits (Buck)
Grand Champion -- Beau Camden
Reserve Champion -- Alex Edwards

Market Pen Rabbits
Grand Champion -- Lucas Smith
Reserve Champion -- Charli Fuller

Horse Show (Mare)
Grand Champion -- Molly Goostree
Reserve Champion -- Colton Payne

Horse Show (Gelding)
Grand Champion -- Shaylen Rowland
Reserve Champion -- Colton Payne

Grand Champion -- Tayler Karnes
Reserve Champion -- Tayler Karnes

Sheep Show (Lamb Wether)
Grand Champion -- Maylee Adams
Reserve Champion -- Madalynn Adams

Sheep Show (Female)
Grand Champion -- Madalynn Adams
Reserve Champion -- Myla Adams

Dairy Goat, female
Grand Champion -- Kayla Whitlow
Reserve Champion -- Alexa Blades

Meat Goat, female
Grand Champion -- Ava Isaacs
Reserve Champion -- Seth Clark

Pygmy Goat, female
Grand Champion -- Lane Whitlow
Reserve Champion -- Brantley Hamilton

Goat Wether
Grand Champion -- Tayler Karnes
Reserve Champion -- Kayte Coffey
Third - Trevor Beaty

Cat Care
Grand Champion -- Molly Goostree
Reserve Champion -- Alex Edwards

Dog Care
Grand Champion -- Seth Clark
Reserve Champion -- Dennison Clark

Dog Obedience
Grand Champion -- Dennison Clark
Reserve Champion -- Rylee Franklin

Beef (Female)
Grand Champion -- Brantley Hamilton
Reserve Champion -- Jake Newbury

Beef (Steer)
Grand Champion -- Jake Newbury
Reserve Champion -- Tony Kistner
Third - Beau Camden

Swine (Gilt)
Grand Champion -- Ryker Cross
Reserve Champion -- Eli Newbury

Swine (Barrow)
Grand Champion -- Trace Payne
Reserve Champion -- Colton Payne
Third - Kayla Whitlow