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Clubhouse Chatter: What Is Your New Year's Resolution

By Spyder Dann
updated: 1/1/2021 9:49 AM

Don't just "survive" adversity, but find ways to take the adverse and turn it into opportunities for improvement. "Thrive not survive!"
-- Kerry Martin, Marion football coach

To try and take better care of myself.
-- Tiffany Sauls, Former Gallatin County basketball standout

Start playing golf again!
-- Reggie Norman, Benton golf coach

I want to help others more.
-- Kyle Smithpeters, John A. Logan basketball coach

Lose 20 pounds and win a basketball game in 2021.
-- Doug Miller, Hamilton County basketball coach

To read (more) at least 10 books starting with Treasure Island and 1984.
-- Jake Stewart, Harrisburg girls basketball coach

I don't usually make one. I just try to wake up each day and be the best husband, father, teacher, person that I can be.
-- Chad Albers, Eldorado golf coach

After 2020, I'm pretty sure I'll be enjoying 2021 to the fullest!
-- Greg Goodley, Eldorado Athletic Director

My New Years resolution is to just get a little better every day.
-- Karsyn Davis, SEMO softball player & former Harrisburg standout

My New Years resolution is finding a husband!
-- Devin Butler, Former Harrisburg soccer standout

Become a better athlete before heading off to school and finish the semester with good grades.
-- Javie Beal, Harrisburg senior

In 2021 I plan to spend more time focusing on healthy living and continuing my education.
-- Jake Dixon, Harrisburg golf coach

My New Year's resolution is the same as every year: To get in better shape!
-- Ron Winemiller, Benton basketball coach

My New Year's resolution will be to stay healthy, work out more and play some good golf.
-- Britt Pavelonis, Pro golfer & Harrisburg alum

My New Year's Resolution is to pick a college!
-- Reece Johnson, Benton High School student-athlete